It is easy to become a CPR & AED instructor. We will teach you how, supply the training programs and provide support and updates. It is inexpensive and can be very profitable.

Citizen Safety Institute’® proprietary Citizen CPR & AED program exceeds American Heart Association, Red Cross and OSHA standards. Our course can be used to help instruct medical professionals and all levels of the AHA curriculum. The most profitable use of your time as an instructor, however, is to use Citizen CPR & AED to teach private businesses. OSHA encourages most businesses to teach employees health and safety training which includes CPR & AED.

We’ll help you get into business for yourself teaching CPR & AED with a marketing course designed for CPR & AED instructors. We will also train-the-trainers if you want to add Citizen CPR & AED to your corporate safety program.

The CSI Citizen CPR & AED program is a video based, self instruction course facilitated by you, the ‘Coach,’ the instructor. It exceeds OSHA, DOT, Mines and Safety, National and State regulatory agency training standards for CPR & AED.

The comprehensive instructional video is about 35 minutes. All documentation is supplied in an updateable 3 ring binder. Instructional scripts are included to assist the novice facilitate the course. Student workbooks are also available at $5.00. Any manikin can be used from the $70 cardboard practice model to the computerized feedback manikins for over $2,000. We include the nationally recognized cards of completion.
Citizen CPR & AED Includes: CPR & AED Training Program

Adult CPR Video or DVD (English or Spanish)
3-Ring Binder
Complete CPR & AED Program
Instructional Guide
2 Student Workbook
2 Cards of Completion
All for only $ 199 plus shipping.

The Citizen CPR & AED Marketing course is $99.