LifelinkCentral AED Program Management


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LifelinkCentral AED Program Management

Easily manage your AEDs with LifelinkCentral.  AEDs Connected & Ready

The new Lifepak CR2 AED connect via Wi-Fi to LifelinkCentral facilitating the self-management.  The system provides location, battery status, and other readiness information and is automatically collected by the software for easy management.  The system will also alert you of readiness conditions.

For each connected LIFEPAK CR2 AED, you can:

• Remotely monitor readiness information

• Locate on a map and detect location changes

• Receive alerts on situations affecting readiness such as battery status

• View the status of all connected AEDs

• Be alerted when an AED has been used

• Automatically send SCA event data via Wi-Fi to emergency responders who are equipped with LIFENET® AED Event Viewer software.

• Have emergency responders wirelessly transmit event data from AED Event Viewer to hospital and medical caregivers

• Get notifications if batteries or electrodes are expiring or have expired

Basic LifelinkCentral is included with your connected AED, but you may also use the system for non-connected AEDs to manage your entire AED program.

Lifepak CR2 Getting Started Video

Lifepak CR2 Wireless Setup Video

Lifepak CR2 Brochure

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